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Top 10 Signs He Might Be A Loser:

  1. He has a car, but it doesn't run. At all.
  2. He is living with his parents (not as a primary care-giver)
  3. He is trying to write the Great American Novel
  4. He has been unemployed for more than 5 years and has stopped looking
  5. His job aspirations are limited to waiting for promotions at McFood King
  6. His idea of a good date is to take you to said McFood King because he can get an employee discount
  7. He will fork over cash for drinks, but not for a taxi if he's too drunk to drive
  8. He doesn't/won't use condoms
  9. He doesn't talk to you about condom use before it's pertinent
  10. He thinks that if he's nice to you, he's entitled to sex.

Good Luck!!!

- "Ms. S. S."