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Miss Emmysue's Online Dating Profile Pet Peeves

"I am into sports, books, and movies."
Wow man, you are truly one in a million. (You had me at "sports.")

"I just like to have fun, you know, chill out and have a good time."
I am SO glad to finally find a man who has an aversion to having a terrible time, and who expresses it so eloquently.

"I'm looking for a girl who likes to laugh and have fun."
Omigod! I love to laugh and have fun!! It is just one of the many ways I am different from every other woman on this site.

"I am looking for a girl who is equally comfortable having a night out on the town, as she is spending an evening at home."
Sorry man, but I never leave my house. I don't like to go out. Ever. I am a hermit.

"I'm looking for a girl who is as comfortable in a sweatsuit and baseball cap as she is all dressed up."
Dude, I don't even own a baseball cap. I wear what I feel is appropriate for the occasion. I ask honestly, why do so many guys put this in their profile? What is the fascination with the casual/dressy duality?

"I have a great sense of humor."
Great, but what's the point in telling me this in your profile? Everyone claims to have a great sense of humor. Show it in your profile. Give me an idea of what you mean by how you write it.

Good Luck!!!

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