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"10 Reasons the Right Guy Isn't Paying Attention To You:"

  1. Your dress — either dowdy or trashy
  2. Your hair — It could be tragic. Flowbee is NOT an option, no matter how broke you are.
  3. You smell funny. Wash. Daily.
  4. You have seven children with 5 fathers.
  5. You are overweight. It sucks, but do something.
  6. You smoke. See above advice.
  7. Facial piercings. Some are tasetful. Some are not. Evaluate yours.
  8. Where are you looking for men? Avoid Drug Rehab Clinics
  9. What does your body language say? Slouchy, withdrawn posture is not attractive.
  10. You have been seen with a steady stream of losers. Why would Mr. Right want to add himself to the list?

Most of all, be comfortable with yourself when you are alone. Being alone isn't always fun, but if you are desparately looking for somebody just to avoid being alone, you have some work to do on yourself before inflicting your issues on another person.

Good Luck!!!

- "Ms. S. S."