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The Myth of Potential

"I fell in love with him for his potential." It's strange that women never seem to say that about men who actually amount to something. Why is that? It's simple.

Most of these men are losers.

Harsh. But true. Now, like anything else there are exceptions, but if you're looking for good dating experiences, work with the rules which are accurate 90+% of the time, not the exceptions.

Merriam-Webster defines potential as:

"something that can develop or become actual."

A more accurate definition for the dating realm is:

"the difference between what someone has acomplished and what they could accomplish."

A man who is out there and making something of himself is going to have less potential since he's actually accomplishing something.

To use an example (based solely on finances), imagine two identical twin brothers: Bob and Tom. Both are smarter than average, go to the same high school, go to the same college, get similar grades, and get degrees in marketing. Both have jobs at McFood King working register during college.

Identical potential.

But during the Summer after their Junior year, Tom does some extra work and gets a summer intership working for a drug company. After college he gets a job working for the pharmaceutical company in their advertising department. He works hard and is recognized. He finds out about a sales position opening up, makes a lateral shift, and takes a small pay cut so he can take the position. He works hard and after two years is bringing home $80,000/year. Not number 1 by a long shot, but definitely a respectable worker.

Bob on the other hand, doesn't bother with the internship and after college stays on with McFood King. After a year he gets promoted to supervisor. After another year he gets another promition to Asst. Manager and is bringing home $32,000 and is living at home to save money.

Who has more apparent potential? Bob. He hasn't done nearly as much with his life, therefore he has farther he could climb.

But who would you rather date all other things being equal?

Tom is much closer to the top of the ladder because he's been busy using his potential.

"I used to think 'bad boys' were diamonds in the rough, but then I realized, they were really just lumps of coal." - Henrietta Bristow

Good Luck!!!

- "Mr. Nice Guy"