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Fellas, you are doing a nice job with this site. At least, you're giving positive people some positive hope. I bump into websites where they say, "Be A Challenge" or "Be Cocky and Funny." Personally, the guys who came up with that, are hustlers! Each time I bump into one of those, I laugh my ass off. There are a plenty of women out there who dig different things. Some like the nice guys, some like the nerds, some like the beer guzzling guy, and so forth. Anyways, though, you are on point with this website.


Though your site was fun and pretty spot on in your what women wish men knew section

Liz R.

Wow! I like your site and it's nice to know that there are actually nice guys out there! I know because I married one! ;-)

Alexandra P.

Hi, ran across your site and it's nice to know I'm not alone. A woman I was interested in recently said to me "you're a nice guy, and nice guys scare me". That woke me up so to speak. I've actually considered hanging out with jerks on purpose to pick up tips as to why women like them more than guys who do all the "right stuff" but still end up going home alone every night.

Douglas M.

I really think this site is a great idea, if only there were a dating service with tips as helpful as these ones. I think I'll try using some of the great ideas when I go out again and I will give you my feedback on the results.

Cory R.

Just ran into your site and I think it is a great idea. I am a massage therapist and my wife is a counselor. We are forever working with people who are confused about relationships. It seems like all of my friends are in this catagory as well. I will be sending them to your site.

Alfred W.