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Note: Women, I need your help. What magazines belong on this list?

Personally, I've found a couple of magazines that I think help nice guys keep perspective. Given all that we've been taught growing up about the subtle ways in which women are better than men, it's good to read something that doesn't apologize for the fact that we are men.

What to say about Maxim Magazine? It's crass, offensive to some, has scantily clad women...and is lots of fun. I wouldn't recommend taking some of the fashion ideas too seriously (if you're over 25), but you have to love a magazine which has a listing of the 50 greatest "B" movies of all time, what not to do in bed, and what pair of jeans should you use if you ever need to use them to tow a pickup truck. In one issue. Not to mention women in bikinis.

Men's Health is exactly what it says it is. It's a magazine about men's health which is written for men with articles on everything from how to develop a "6-pack" stomach to how to buy a hammer to how to tell if the food in your fridge has gone bad (written by George Clinton, a man who knows funk.)

Good Luck!!!

- "Mr. Nice Guy"